Our Story

A former collaborator with the likes of Chiltern Firehouse, Chateau Marmont, The Mercer Hotel and Shiseido Cosmetics, Oiseau Bleu founder Debra Aflalo has honed what the Italians call “un bell’occhio”—an eye for beauty. From an early age she was fascinated by the forms and colours found in nature and began collecting beautiful stones and shells that caught her eye. In later years, work took her to London, and to inspirational locales from Bora-Bora to the souks of Marrakech. But recent summers in the Hamptons where she spent her days by the ocean, “changed me as a person and unlocked chambers of creativity that I never knew I had”, says Debra, of her turn toward jewelry design. “It allowed me to quiet the chaos of my previous work, and revealed a clean and fresh atmosphere where I am constantly inspired to design and create.”In Debra’s vision, gems aren’t inherently formal. As such, they shouldn’t be reserved for evening, but worn as the all-natural stones that they are, with simple sculptural settings that enhance their luster and allow their luminosity to shine through. As chic over a little black dress as they are when worn with nothing more than a bikini or jeans and a simple white T-shirt.